Rajesh Karanbhai, the next ‘M.S. DHONI’ in the Making

Rajesh Karanbhai, the next ‘M.S. DHONI’ in the Making

Even though hockey is India's national sport, when it comes to love and excitement for a game with huge fan following nothing can beat cricket. Rajesh Karanbhai, an Akshaya Patra beneficiary from Vasan Primary School located at Vasan Village in Gujarat is one such child who is truly passionate about the game and wants to take up cricket as a profession. Speaking about his dream, he said, “M.S. Dhoni is my role model. And, I want to become like him.”

Belonging to the OBC category, he hails from a family of six members with three siblings aged 6,7, and 12 years. His father is the only wage-earner of the family and earns Rs. 3,600 per month. In such a restricted economic background, chasing dreams become utterly difficult. But, Rajesh hasn't given up!

Like every other player, his love for sports came across evidently when he stepped on the playground with his friends to play a game called kho-kho. We could sense the energy and the team-player attitude in this little boy as he ran around and helped his team members too. 

Talking about The Akshaya Patra Foundation, he says, "I like the meal very much because it is hot. My favourite is rice, dal, and roti." He further added, "I love to have food with my friends at school." 

Rajesh is determined to achieve his dream of being the next Dhoni. Would you like to support Rajesh in his efforts of becoming a cricketer? 

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