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State / Location Number of Children Number of Schools Type of Kitchen
Gujarat 3,94,709 1,532  
Ahmedabad (ISO 22000:2005) 1,15,578 522 Centralised Kitchen
Bhavnagar  28,000 57 Centralised Kitchen
Vadodara (ISO 22000:2005) 1,07,838 616 Centralised Kitchen
Surat (ISO 22000:2005) 1,43,293 337 Centralised Kitchen


The mid day meal in Gujarat is served through three centralised kitchens. The Vadodara kitchen was established first in 2009, followed by Surat in 2012, and most recently by Ahmedabad in 2014. The four kitchens together feed 3,94,709 children in 1,532 schools every day. All three kitchens are equipped with roti making machines capable of cooking up to 40,000 rotis (Indian flatbread) per hour! The mid day meal menu in Gujarat includes nutritious food like roti, rice, khichdi (lentils and rice), dal (lentil curry) and vegetable preparations.

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