Malnutrition:one problem many solutions

Created By : Mr Y R T V SUBBA RAYUDU
Malnutrition:one problem many solutions

Campaign Goal Rs. 10,000.00

Raised So Far Rs. 0.00

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Start Date
Aug 31, 2016

End Date
Dec 31, 2016

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Note: Rs. 1100 can feed a child for a year

Campaign Overview

Dear All,

After the importance of mother and father in a person life,every person definetly give same importance to his/her friend.So definetly they will in touch with their school friends,college friends etc., every place we have friends.

So main point is if we are using a smartphone definetly we are in better condition, so donate atleast 750/- from your pocket money or your salary , it will provide best and healthy food for a poor children for one year dont hestitate, step forward and avoid the Malnutrition.Be Part in this nothing will loose.

Support my campaign to  support akshaya patra  providing  hunger free education to school children.

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