About Us

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation feeding millions of underserved children in India. We strive hard to eradicate two most critical issues - hunger and malnutrition in India by implementing the Mid-Day Meal Programme in government and government-aided schools. Carrying out the world’s largest feeding programme, Akshaya Patra aims to not only fight hunger but also bring children to school.

In Gujarat, a state in western India, we have three centralized kitchens, feeding 3,70,292 children in 1,724 schools. 

Our Kitchens in Gujarat


With hygiene and cleanliness as our utmost priority, we operate through two kitchen models: Centralised and Decentralised. In the state of Gujarat, all three of our kitchens are centralised. We inaugurated our first kitchen here at Ahmedabad in 2007 and then expanded our presence to Vadodara and Surat. 

Ahmedabad: The centralised kitchen at Ahmedabad was established in June 2007. This kitchen currently feeds 76,742 school children in 426 government and government-aided schools.

Vadodara: We established our centralised kitchen in Vadodara in November 2009, which currently reaches out to 88,911 children in 618 schools. 

Surat: In June 2012, our centralised in Surat was established. It currently feeds 1,43,136 children in 352 schools.

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